Consumer demand for mortgages has skyrocketed, with a surge in home buying over the past 12-18 months. Lenders have seen strong demand for loans, set only to increase further. The Mortgage Bankers Association predicts the industry will originate more than $2.5 trillion for each of the next two years, 40% higher than between 2010 to 2019!

Despite the flourishing mortgage industry, however, challenges are still holding American lenders back. As McKinsey & Company have observed, “many origination and service processes are still slow, manual, labor-intensive and fragmented”.

Luckily, to mediate these challenges the mortgage industry has been getting a digital makeover. Lenders and brokers are adopting technology to streamline the process of getting a mortgage. With improvements to underwriting, loan services, and providing customers with access to home financing and buying services, lenders can make the consumer experience smoother and faster.

Software solutions to these mortgage-lending shortfalls include document extraction and management, appraisal management, automated compliance, and workflow management… and that’s just the start! Leaning on custom software can help lenders cut costs, speed up the mortgage application process, and provide a smooth, professional experience for customers.

Here’s how lenders can achieve this and more with the help of ReadyPrice’s all-in-one software.

Use Technology to Streamline the Mortgage Process

Make it easier for mortgage loan originators (MLOs) and lenders to work together by utilizing mortgage technology powered by SitusAMC. This streamlined software simplifies the process of pricing and delivering loan products to lenders. It’s so simple, that loans can be delivered with a click of a button.

Want to network your products and rates, stay up to date on industry trends and grow profit margins? You can do it all within ReadyPrice’s software. Lenders can market their products and prices directly to brokers and customers, making it an invaluable tool to improve market competitiveness.

Lenders can also utilize this technology to build relationships with brokers and other mortgage professionals. Maintaining these long-term relationships with other industry members helps lenders better market their rates and build stable and profitable businesses.

Easily integrated into lenders’ current processes, there are built-in deep integrations with both Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac (the mortgage agencies that buy and guarantee mortgages issued by lenders), enabling one-click AUS and findings.

This is an integral part of the lending process, freeing up money that can be used to create more loans that benefit the consumer.

ReadyPrice technology has the potential to boost productivity as a lender or business and make work processes easier and quicker, ultimately streamlining how you work as a lender.

More than Just Software

Did you know about the education corner ReadyPrice offers, free for registered members? With leading experts in the mortgage industry heading up the ReadyPrice team, here professionals of all lending and mortgage job roles can gain valuable insights into how to improve.

In the ReadyPrice education corner, you will find information about success, growth, leadership, and more, with specific reference to how it applies to the mortgage industry. You can network with other mortgage professionals, keep up to date with mortgage trends and industry knowledge, and increase your fluency and credibility as a lender.

In this ever-fluid market, understanding what the consumer needs and how to market your rates to brokers in the United States has never been more critical.

Consider the Consumer

It is easy to see the benefits of harnessing ReadyPrice software when you see it from the consumer’s perspective. ReadyPrice uses a powerful pricing engine to manage lenders and find the best rates for customers.

ReadyPrice is lender sponsored and is of no cost to brokers. This gives them the freedom to maintain and search rates, run AU and deliver the loan to the lender of choice. With such a large market of brokers searching for competitive rates from lenders, ReadyPrice provides the perfect opportunity for lenders to promote their products.

With quick results and fewer hassles, ReadyPrice allows brokers to easily cherry-pick lenders to find the best rates and loans. This gives brokers peace of mind knowing they can find the cheapest rates for their customers and organize the loan process all with a few clicks.

Try it Yourself!

Made with industry professionals like you in mind, ReadyPrice’s interactive application ensures simplicity and achievable mortgage maintenance whilst remaining flexible for every lender’s needs. It’s easier than ever to test the technology that can increase your profitability and your workflow efficiencies because ReadyPrice offers free demos too.

See what ReadyPrice can do for you by creating an account. All you need to submit is your name, company, email address, phone number, and Nationwide Mortgage License System (NMLS) number.

Coupled with strong product knowledge and seamless software, ReadyPrice provides the foundation for the best industry practice and customer experience. Streamline the mortgage process you market to brokers and ask about a free ReadyPrice demonstration today.