Brokers can now shop, lock, and deliver on one platform that seamlessly connects brokers, lenders and originators

SAN JOSE, Calif.Aug. 3, 2023 /PRNewswire/ Mortgage technology company ReadyPrice today announced the release of its Shop, Lock & Deliver loan exchange platform, the industry’s most powerful independent universal delivery portal. For the first time, independent mortgage brokers can now shop competitive loan offerings from multiple lenders, get rate lock guarantees in real time, receive underwriting findings, and deliver the borrower’s complete loan file to lenders—and all on a single platform. It’s an innovative new industry utility that’s helping brokers around the country thrive and compete in even the toughest market environments.

For years, thousands of independent mortgage brokers have been logging in to ReadyPrice’s product pricing engine (PPE) every day to shop for loans from a variety of lenders. Now, thanks to ReadyPrice’s ground-breaking data exchange platform, DataX, brokers can find the best loans for their borrowers’ specific needs, lock them in with the lender, and deliver the final loan in record time—all in one place.

“Independent mortgage brokers are the core of our industry, and they’re needed now more than ever. They help millions of borrowers navigate an increasingly complex economic environment,” said ReadyPrice Founder and CEO, Rick Soukoulis. “Our universal delivery portal gives brokers what they need most—more time to focus on their borrowers, and more confidence that they’re delivering the best deals possible.”

The universal delivery portal runs on ReadyPrice’s proprietary data exchange platform, DataX, which is directly connected to industry Loan Origination Systems (LOS’s) for seamless loan delivery.  DataX also retrieves automated underwriting decisions to complete the loan before delivery. Loans are then transferred directly into the lender’s pipeline, where the lender completes the transaction.

A growing number of lenders are participating in the platform to achieve the marketing and productivity benefits ReadyPrice affords. Not only does ReadyPrice give lenders a scalable, cost-effective marketing channel to brokers, lenders can also connect directly with brokers through a social platform to answer questions and finalize loans and help brokers manage the ins and outs of closing. This allows lenders to establish long-term relationships with brokers, based on the needs of the end borrower.

“Our technology makes it even easier for mortgage loan originators, brokers and lenders to work together,” continued Soukoulis. “With ReadyPrice, independent brokers get to keep their independence with the ability to shop, lock and deliver in one place. Lenders get access to a growing community of brokers. And borrowers get the best possible service and the best possible mortgages. This new industry utility delivers a win-win for everyone.”

About ReadyPrice

ReadyPrice is a mortgage technology company that delivers the industry’s most powerful universal delivery portal. With ReadyPrice, independent mortgage brokers can shop, lock, and deliver loans for their customers, all in one place. ReadyPrice’s mission is to ensure the success of independent mortgage brokers and the lenders who serve them, and the company is staffed by mortgage industry veterans and technology specialists with decades of experience serving the mortgage industry. Learn more at