Frequently Asked Questions

How much does ReadyPrice cost?

ReadyPrice is Lender Sponsored, which means it is NO COST for Brokers. That’s right – No cost to maintain and search rates, run AU, and deliver the loan to the lender of choice.

What information does ReadyPrice need from me to sign up?

To create your free ReadyPrice account, you will need to provide the following pieces of information: – Name, NMLS #, Company, Email and Phone.

Does ReadyPrice have my lender(s) on its platform?

ReadyPrice is already set up with the top lenders in every market, and allows you to manage all of your lenders, ensuring that their rates are available to you on the ReadyPrice platform.

Can’t find your lender?

Adding a new lender is simple, click here to submit our lender intro form, and we will take it from there.

What if I have a specialized rate sheet from my lender(s)?

One of the biggest benefits to using ReadyPrice, is that you can manage your own rate sheets with our simple drag and drop or set up rate sheet automation, allowing you to ensure that you’re searching the most current and accurate rates every day.

Can I get a Demo of ReadyPrice before signing up?

ReadyPrice is so easy to use, that we don’t demo the tool. Rather you can sign up in 60-seconds and have instant access to your own personal account.

Questions? Let us know we will be happy to respond.