Trust is key within the mortgage and housing industry. So it’s no surprise scores of lenders are flocking to brokers, with this Vice President selling their rates…
With over 30 years of industry expertise, Donna Varnell knows the power of exposure and partnerships in the lending landscape. Buyers choose realtors they believe in, and it’s no different for those who facilitate the capital for the purchase.
In the last two years, 35 mortgage lenders have entrusted their businesses with her, and fortunately, she is no other than ReadyPrice’s very own Vice President of National Sales! Living and breathing ReadyPrice’s ethos is part of her success; prioritizing relationships and modern methods of connecting with brokers and lenders to nourish business.
If you want to know why more lenders keep joining Donna and ReadyPrice, we’ll delve into this below.

Mortgage Tech for the Modern Day
Powered by SitusAMC, ReadyPrice creates mortgage technology that makes it easier for mortgage loan originators (MLO) and lenders to work together. This streamlined software has the potential to change the way you work as a lender and makes pricing and delivering loan products to brokers easy.
Join Donna and a broad expert community to take control of the loan process, choose your pricing, run automated underwriting and deliver approved loans with a click of a button on the tailor made platform.

Teams Meet Technology
A partnership with ReadyPrice is more than just a technology platform to host your products; you have Donna and the team working tirelessly to expand your brand’s reach with advertising and marketing too.
Lenders can market a range of products with ReadyPrice, including commercial, residential, full doc, DSCR, non-QM and bridge loans.
Donna and the team can connect you with a whole new network of brokers with targeted marketing strategies. They collaborate with you to discuss your products and find out what makes them unique. At no extra cost, targeted marketing strategies such as spotlights, marketing blurbs and winter ads provide brokers with all the reasons why they should partner with you to deliver loans to their customers.
ReadyPrice boasts a great opportunity for lenders with their education and training corner. Free to access for registered members, lenders can bring value to the broker by helping them learn something about the market.
Lenders can increase their credibility by educating others in areas such as success, growth and leadership in the mortgage industry. They can connect directly with brokers without hassle, a middleman or additional cost. Networking and building relationships with others are vital for understanding what your consumer needs and making sure your products serve them most effectively.

Edge-giving Insights
Selling your products on ReadyPrice gives you exclusive access to at least two special industry reports that offer you the edge over the competition.
The daily lender market report provides insights on how you stack up against other lenders based on the interest rate.
The monthly lender report provides a summary of your most requested and viewed products on the ReadyPrice platform. These statistics are invaluable to boost industry competitiveness, as lenders can evaluate what is trending in the market and how impactful their products are. Plus, the platform is evolving and growing everyday.

A Trustworthy Platform for Brokers
Donna is confident that part of what makes ReadyPrice so popular with brokers is the economy. Forget the fees that competitors charge for services such as sharing credentials – ReadyPrice is completely free for every broker.
The ReadyPrice platform is transparent for brokers; they can easily sign up without paying expenses to search for rates. There are no limits to the lenders that brokers can see; brokers can navigate throughout the platform to find the best loans from the lender of their choice.
It is a no-brainer for lenders and brokers alike – ReadyPrice bridges the gap with brokers and promoting products to them, at the optimum time: when they are looking for you too!

See it in Action Yourself
Made with industry professionals in mind, Donna trusts ReadyPrice to ensure simplicity and flexibility for every lender’s needs.
To see what ReadyPrice can do for you, contact Donna and her team for a free demo. ReadyPrice software is so easy and simple to use, only 15 minutes is required for the team to demonstrate all the features!
For lenders interested in finding more information about how ReadyPrice markets and communicates your product to brokers and other mortgage loan originators, request a 30-minute demonstration. This demonstration is jam-packed with detailed information about the marketing strategies and lending reports ReadyPrice produces to give you an edge over the competition.
There’s a reason why 14 lenders have joined the platform in 2022 alone; they’re eager to experience the many benefits and strengths ReadyPrice has that their competition cannot compete with.

A Platform for Everyone
Having worked with such a volume of lenders and brokers affords invaluable expertise that makes Donna and ReadyPrice shine next to other providers. It’s a tried-and-tested, yet deceptively simple platform to market their rates.
The ReadyPrice team, Vice Presidents and all, position themselves as advocates for lenders; helping them stay ahead of mortgage trends with specialist tools and integrated industry reports. Of course, the option to stay on the phone for hours trying to build connections with a select few brokers, and spending time and money building target ads to draw more consumers in is still there…
…but why not work with Donna and the team and let them do the legwork for you?